Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meme from Yoel

Rachel asked me last night why I don't knit anymore, but I do. In fact, my arms are aching right now. It's just that I've reached problematic spots in several projects and many of those are in problematic yarns (don't travel well, not from my LYS, etc). I'm also trying to concentrate on being a good teacher, a good wife, a good homeowner. In other words, I'm aiming for balance at the moment. Like someone quitting smoking, I'm telling myself that this time, I'll really, really pull it off. For sure. Maybe.

That said, I'm falling back on Yoel's meme. She tagged me, thanks ever so much.

1.) What was I doing ten years ago?
Pretty much exactly what I'm doing now. I was teaching, but just at one school. I'd started being a rock star five years before that. I knew how to knit. I had just finished my first season of Civil War reenacting. I was dating LB long distance. I had two cats, both of whom are now gone. I was living in the same place I am now, but it was just an apartment then; later we'd buy the entire 2-flat. I was starting to get comfortable in my skin.

2) What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:
  • make German potato salad in the slow cooker
  • call a lawyer to fix a speeding ticket
  • print out driving directions for tomorrow's trip to Kentucky
  • completely clear out my office for mandatory summer cleaning (technically work, I guess, so I'll do six)
  • figure out what to cook with this week's CSA share
  • temporarily modify an 1860s-style dress into an 1870s style dress by altering the sleeves and skirt and by sewing a bustle.
3) Snacks I enjoy:-
I'm a huge snacker, so anything. The ones I periodically crave are dark chocolate, Old Bay potato chips, lace cookies, Sweetarts, Smarties, and Good N' Plenty. Chicken In A Biscuit when I'm particularly stressed.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
  • Buy a hybrid and a cute camper
  • Travel the country and the world
  • Try out more new restaurants
  • Leave bigger tips
  • Get health insurance
5) Places I have lived: Silver Spring, MD; College Park, MD; Relay, MD; Fredericksburg, VA; Baltimore, MD; Catonsville, MD; St. Louis, MO

6) Jobs I have had: God, I can't even remember them all. I've been known to have four at once. Selling corn at a roadside stand; Frank's Nursery & Crafts; resident assistant; language lab worker; generic pharmaceutical company; text book editing; teaching English; rock star; chauffeur; LYS; tutoring in Spanish; private chef; bookkeeping for a frame shop; helping run a 78 RPM record auction; helping in a fiddle shop; running inventory for a granite wholesaler; lots of animal sitting; registrar; and an unfathomable amount of temp work.

If you read this far, consider yourself tagged.

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