Monday, April 14, 2008

Not Ready for Abe

Will someone please arrest Danielle of MCY and put her in jail so that I can get on with what's really important in life? Like blogging about Abe Lincoln?

The driving part was really brutal, but the Iowa gig went well and I got to visit with the lovely Anna. We hit up two local yarn stores and an antique mall before I had to hit the road again and drive six hours for the next event.

The haul (from top to bottom and left to right):

  • 1 teddy bear knitted ornament kit. Why? Because the store, Hearthstone Gifts and Supply, was going out of business that very day and it was 75% off. No reason, really. I thought it would make a nice baby present.
  • 5 cards of silk floss with which I'm planning to knit a miser's purse for a friend. They come 20 yards to a skein and I'd only hard of this brand online or seen finished items before finding it at Village Needlework.
  • also at Village Needlework I found unmercerized pearl cotton. Since the 1890s, almost all cotton has been mercerized, giving it a shiny appearance close to civil war purse silk. Prior to then, almost none was. Finding a cheap source made my whole day.
  • an 1890s calling card with Masonic symbols on it. If the dealer had recognized the iconography, it wouldn't have been for sale for 50 cents.
  • the beginnings of a miser's purse, begun from said unmercerized cotton on Sunday.
  • and finally, a very cool (probably 1870s or '80s) photograph, better visible below.

Classic nineteenth-century man's sweater. Classic fit too. I need to keep reminding myself that this kind of gapping is perfectly acceptable.

I'm out of time to talk about Abe, but will tomorrow. I was right; it was a hoot.

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Suzy Rust said...

you must knit like lightning to have so much done with such itty bitty needles! great junk!