Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pretty Pictures

I'm super busy, largely by dint of procrastinating my real work and instead making three sets of civil war mitts. That's six mitts, if you're counting.

So here's another postcard from my personal collection:

The whole grammar thing about not ending a sentence in a preposition isn't entirely true, but in this case, wouldn't it be just as easy to say "I have many yarns to tell you"?


Cindy said...

Yes, and it would have looked better on the card, too.

Carrie said...

Yeah, with the "about," I interpreted the postcard quite literally.

Seriously, at first I thought this person had a lot of different types of yarn to discuss.

Anonymous said...

How can I contact you? I'm looking for civil war men's knitting patterns - I'm a knitter dating a civil war reenacter, and I'd like to contribute! Gotta be authentic, though! I can whip something up, but I'm looking for some way to confirm it was or May have been a true style.

Anyway, your website keeps coming up in a google search, and I'd love to contact you for a "chat" regarding authentication.

I'm at hbhilton@ya-who.com (um, change to yahoo, Idon't wanna get spammed by a cyberbot e-mail gatherer!)

Love to year from you!