Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's That Time of Year...

...when I am just about this far from losing it.

I did not post yesterday, although I did manage to do some Ravelry stuff, grade about 15 papers, teach 3 classes, and frankly the rest is a bit of a blur. So, here's another knitting postcard, again from my very geeky personal collection.

In the stack to grade:
  • 14 10-page research papers
  • 23 2- to 3-page compare/contrast papers
  • 1 very badly written 5-page essay analyzing 2 articles
  • 1 very badly written annotated bibliography of 10 sources
  • 1 very badly written paper on environmental footprints
  • 20 5-page proposal papers dealing with a local environmental issue
  • 35 quizzes
  • 20 final exams
  • 35 3-page position papers complaining about the local community college
  • effin' jury duty
  • lesson plans for 2 substitutes during jury duty
  • 5 rock star gigs in the next week and half
  • 2 house guests
On hold:
  • My effin' 40th birthday
  • Xmas
  • finding a zipper for the EZ ribwarmer
  • finding beads for the mardi gras poncho
  • finding beads for the Vogue anniversary scarf
  • Ravelry
  • finding buttons to redo a Skiff sweater for a friend
  • sleep

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