Friday, November 09, 2007


I haven't yet joined Ravelry, been avoiding it in fact. I have obsessive tendencies and these tendencies tend to explode around the opportunities to classify, divide, organize. In other words, I would happily pay for the privilege of sorting a giant pile of nuts and bolts. It meets some deep, primal need in the animal part of my brain.

I decided Ravelry was too dangerous for me.

Still, I just bought La Boheme by Fiesta Yarns. The colorway is African Violet in their language, Mardi Gras in mine. It glows like jewels. The thought of messing up $60 worth of this yarn was paralyzing me.

Enter a sneak peek at Ravelry to see what others were making with this yarn. Fortunately I hated almost everything. I finally decided on this and promptly bought the pattern.

I told you Ravelry was dangerous; I'm making a fucking poncho.


Annie said...

If the description hadn't said things like "bohemian" and "hearkens" and "early 20th century" I don't think you'd have fallen for it either... smirk.

I think it will rock.

Suzy Crancer said...

Ponchos are underrated! Popular, yes, abused in the 70s, yes, but still attractive on all body types and a mindless project so good for the nerves.

Shoes said...

a poncho....oy....