Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Enough with the Math Already!

I am currently in talks about buying some yarn from my favorite natural dyer's fall run--yummy walnuts, cochineals, burdocs, oak gall, and more. As she said, "Oh, you want the gaudy stuff."

Trouble is, I think like a knitter, but she thinks like a weaver.

To me, yarn comes in lace, fingering, sport, and probably too heavy for much use in Civil War knitting.

To her, yarn comes in yards per pound. She needs to know how thin to spin it.

So if I'm right, I go to a metric converter like this one and keep guestimating amounts until I come up with a number of grams (450 g) that roughly equals a pound (.99 lbs).

Then I find a yarn I like that comes in 50 g balls, multiply the yardage by 9, since 9 x 50 will get me 450 g.

Then I know yards per pound.

I hope.

So, I'm thinking fingering will get me about 2,000+ yards per pound while sport will get me 1,656 yards per pound.

I hope.

1 comment:

Lynda said...

I think if you go with that amount of yardage you should be good. That's a lot of yarn!!!!

I'm with you on the socks...I would have tried them on right when I got them, but I think she got the picture that it kind of hurt my feelings and remedied that before I talked to her again.