Thursday, October 18, 2007

Am I Pretty?

The dress for the 1807 event is done, entirely hand stitched to boot.

The pattern is Past Patterns #031 Front Closing Gown. The fabric is a red and cream linen stripe I had in my stash for a few years--that means it was free.

Pattern notes: The original fabric had stripes running across the width, not the length, of the fabric. I did a test muslin to see if sewing it on the cross grain would affect the fit. It didn't seem to.
The original dress was sewn entirely by hand. I am not a hand-sewing purist. I'm just fine with using the machine where it doesn't show or doesn't matter, but I do feel this dress went together better and more neatly with hand sewing. The join of the sleeves, gussets, straps, bodice and back would have been tricky on a machine. I know so--because I machine stitched the muslin.

Alterations: Since my stripes ran the length of the fabric, I opted not to piece the skirt as the original did. I just cut to the desired length. I definitely cut it too long though, as I had to add two extra 1" tucks (the original had one) to eat up 4". I also skipped the half-moon pleat in the front, although I may add it later.
There is a wonky bit visible at the left hip which we will not mention. Otherwise, it's just about perfect.
Naturally, I will be needing some mitts.


Anna McClurg said...

I love it! And that's awesome you did it all by hand!

Anna McClurg said...

P.S. Guess what? I'm FINALLY starting on your shoes. I know, after forever and a day. So let's hope I've got some progress by the November Boone event. Let's also hope this pair fits better than the last!! Btw, this pair is made of black wool with black patent leather foxing. I hope you're okay with that!

Suzy Rust said...

that dress is the bomb. i so enjoy seeing your stuff -- much classier than the junk i feature but just as interesting despite that! : ) very sorry to hear about the sampler that got away. : (

Rachel said...

You are so cool.

wheelinsticks said...

The dress is beautiful. Great job.

Anonymous said...

That's a great dress. I especially like the pleats toward the bottom.