Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I've been cranking out the knitting lately. The Capuchon is done, unless I decide to tweak it a bit. I knitted up and ripped out a skein of the Mardi Gras yarn. I seamed up and betassled a new Civil War purse last night.

I've been cranking out in other areas as well: went grocery shopping, baked an upside down lemon pudding cake, ran other errands. And I've been obsessing about researching and buying Victorian candy as well. I just spent the better part of an hour clearing out my boss's email.

When I get this frenetically productive, it's usually (and ironically) a sign that I'm practicing work avoidance.

Perhaps, just maybe it's the sixty-four papers I need to grade, with twenty more coming in tomorrow. Yep. That's definitely it.


Today is LB's birthday. He was practically a grown man by the time I was born, but he still has such a little boy way about him. The cake is for him, my true love.

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