Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Road to Hell

I have good intentions, really I do. I intend to pay my bills, have a clean house, change the cat box on a regular basis, serve dinner every night, be caught up on grading, go to bed at a reasonable hour. You know, act like an adult.

The above sounds reasonable, and the bills are paid, but what is a "clean house" actually? No dust? No cat hair on the furniture? Or is a cleared-off place for guests to sit down enough? I've got work to do in that department, but can reasonably pass off some blame onLB as a contributuing factor.

Do all three cat boxes need to be changed at once? Is just changing the stinkiest one okay?

Dinner every night? Can it be leftovers? Something from a mix or box? Can it involve condensed soup? I can think of only one time in the last year that I had to resort to waffles for dinner. So maybe I'm doing okay there.

I'll never be caught up on grading, so I might as well just let that one go.

I'm not the type of person to write page-long lists of things to do. Although I do write lists, they tend to be the priorities and fit on a post-it.

Still, I'm pretty sure no where on any of those lists did it say to stay up until past midnight knitting and watching season 1 of Ugly Betty.

Also on my list of things to do is to forgive myself. I'm pretty good at that one.

I think I once knit a scarf very like Ugly Betty's. But it was orange. Maybe I need to forgive myself for that one too.

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