Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Knitting

Lately I've been bewildered by the amount of random knitting that seems to spring unbidden from my needles. I don't know if it's always been this way, but my last three projects were completely unplanned.

I never intended to make a mohair sweater in August, particularly not an aqua and purple one.

The gator scarf likewise was un-premeditated, although I don't know if I could make that case in a court of law. After all, I did have to take out my credit card, call a phone number, and order it. But still, the period between the time I saw it and the time I ordered it is pretty much a blur.

And now, the Capuchon Religieuse. It's a HOOD, for pete's sake. My upcoming talk is on PURSES.

I do have knitting plans, really. Lord knows I have many projects half done. I have ideas for others. I even have yarn and patterns sitting about waiting to be worked up. Every now and then I lay out the needles and the yarn and the pattern in a little pile, ready to go. And then I end up knitting something completely different.

I was trying to figure out why this was happening to me and realized I actually live a highly structured life. I sit down and map out syllabi for entire sixteen-week semesters. This morning I booked a gig in May 2008, having checked my calendar and realizing March '08 was already booked. Tomorrow morning I will get up, drive 500 miles to Lansing, MI, call a dance, and return home again on Sunday.

That's a lot of structure. I'm thinking I should be okay with a little randomness in my life.
  • I'm loving Passing. Highly recommended!
  • A new teacher asked if he could drop in and observe my class on Monday. Shit. Better get structured.

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