Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

School is back in session as of Monday, and I have a lot of good intentions. I had resolved to shake things up in the classroom this semester, try a lot of new activities, let go of others, conference more with students. That at least is going swimmingly.

I intend to get back to daily updates. They're good for me. On Monday, I was halfway home before I realized I hadn't posted. Today? Same thing.

I have resolved to make more of an effort with my appearance so I don't fall into frumpiness. I got showered and fully dressed this morning before noticing that my cute sleeveless top revealed that I had forgotten to shave my armpits for what looked like a few weeks.

I had also resolved to take care of myself, make sure to eat breakfast, and have at least a reasonable idea of dinner plans. I was halfway to work today before realizing I hadn't eaten breakfast, had no money for lunch, and was facing back-to-back student conferences until 3 p.m. When I got home, head pounding, nauseated from no food, I realized I had forgotten to plug in the crock-pot.

I had resolved to stay away from fast food, but the crock-pot failure smashed that resolution as well.

I had resolved to go on a yarn diet, complete unfinished projects, work down my stash, stretch my creativity and use of colors. Then I spotted an ad for this scarf from Morehouse Merino.

Thank heavens I never resolved to abstain from eating extra salty french fries with a double cheeseburger and knitting at the same time.

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Annie said...

Yep. Plans. Hmm. You're kind of cracking me up. I too make way more resolutions leading up to and during September than I do at the start of a new year. That alligator pattern is a fun one -- or looks like.

Thanks for the bookmark! You're one fast reader...