Thursday, July 26, 2007


. . . this is also what I do.

I resolve not to knit for a bit. I go a bit crazy from the strain.

I finally resolve to knit just a bit, you know, for therapeutic purposes, to give myself something to do on the break between dances. I don't have a project in process that I am willing to grab, so I begin another purse--in fingering on size 1 needles. I knit 104 rows in a matter of hours before running out of one of the yarns.

Then I remember that I am going to Stitch and Pitch in just over a week. I must, must, must have something appropriate and knit to wear. It must be red, of course. I have nothing red and knit.

I turn to Topi.

I may be too crippled to knit at Stitch and Pitch, but at least I'll have a half-finished wool hat to wear in the August sun.


Annie said...

Yer crackin' me up!

Missed you last night. Hope calling in Soulard was fruitful. I have the book to trade off if you want to meet up and exchange it. Give you something else to do rather than knit...

Cindy said...

I'm not planning on wearing anything knit to the game; which is a good thing given the heat wave.

I am, however, planning on knitting something red while I am there. I have a pair of socks just barely started which are in a hand-dyed red bamboo/wool blend, so they will be my ballpark project.