Thursday, June 07, 2007

Morose over Mohair

Somewhere in this snarled mess is a dropped stitch.

I was zipping along, feeling virtuous about not starting a new project but continuing to work on something I had on the pins already.

Zipping along. I even counted periodically to make sure I still had 44 stitches on the needles. At least I think I counted. What tends to happen is that I start to count and forget to finish. I'm pretty sure I was fantasizing about the pompom sweater.

After knitting 50 cm, it was time to rib, and I discovered only 43 stitches.

There went the zip. There went the virtue.

Have you ever tried to find a dropped stitch in striped mohair? How about striped mohair knit in the round? It's pretty hard, as in freakin' impossible.

I've run some counting threads through every five stitches to see where my round might be off. I think it's somewhere between the two threads, but for the life of me, I'm not seeing it.

It's also 98 degrees today and LB has yet to install the window units. Under these conditions, sticking my arm into a mohair sleeve causes my brain to short circuit, which really just makes me want to watch bad TV, eat Sweet Tarts until I have a stomachache, and drop the sleeve until Mardi Gras '08.

It's just occurred to me though, that if LB tries on the sleeve, I can maybe see better. Either that or he'll think about installing the window units.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Oh my, just thinking about mohair in yesterday's heat makes my skin crawl.

Today seems much more conducive to putting on a mohair sleeve.