Tuesday, June 05, 2007


If, one day after sitting on your ass for a looooooong time, you jump up out of the recliner and somehow manage to run a marathon, is that better than running 1/4 mile a day for 104 days?

Is walking 2 blocks a day, every day, better than walking 14 blocks once a week?

I ask because in the last week, I knitted 14 preemie hats, enough to cover my hat-a-month goal through April 2008.

And should a preemie hat even qualify as a full hat? Is a worsted weight hat with 86 stitches somehow more charitable than a fingering weight with 56 stitches?

I don't know. I do know my hands need a rest.

Since I'm a little bit of a rock star, I had the fun experience today of being recognized in the doctor's office. Joy. I also had a little boy ask me if I was famous this weekend. When I said, "Only to a very small number of people," he completely lost interest. Would anyone ever admit to being famous? What would Rowan Atkinson say?

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