Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Guess what! The B&B has a computer for the guests. Now I don't have to save up all the excitement for sometime next week.

The B&B is lovely, lovely, lovely. It could have been really froofy and reeking of potpourri, but it's not. I could never afford to treat myself to such an experience.

The bed actually required a foot stool for entry, although I just took a running leap. There was a balcony, a shower with 6 nozzles, and unbelievably plush white bathrobes.

Did I mention there's no potpourri?

They do indulge in one of my B&B pet peeves--the coverage of every available surface area with charming knick-knacks. This habit, while it does make the room look like a magazine picture, makes it pretty difficult to actually use the room. I'd argue that it's a fairly universal rule that B&B visitors have travelled to get there. That means they have suitcases and toilet kits and would probably like to sit down. Stained glass night lights, flower arrangements, baskets of towels, china dolls, and silk pillows must all be moved to make the room usable.

On the other hand, there's no potpourri.

On the way up, we stopped at the world's smallest church. It's funny, but that's actually the third time I've been to the world's smallest church, and each one was in a different place: Nashville, IL, Highlandville, MO, and now Festina, IA.

Do click to see pictures. I'll wait.

The Festina church, built in 1885, is still tended by descendants of the first whites to settle in the area in the 1840s. When we opened the door of the 14' by 16' church, the heady scent of dozens of peonies and wildflowers laced around us, almost making me dizzy.

I'd rather have that than potpourri any day.

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Jenn said...

Sounds lovely! Glad you're enjoying yourself. The worst thing about B&Bs, to me, is the forced socialization (I like solitude and quiet), but you're right - the potpourri would be the worst. Lucky you!