Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Shermy Sherman Sherm-sherm-sherm

I'm still ailing, but it really pales compared to poor little Sherman. He's been having bladder problems for awhile that I thought were just from a persistent bladder infection. He'd made two treks to the vet for shots and prescriptions for antibiotics, but he wasn't getting better.

It took x-rays to finally reveal at least three stones in his bladder. One of them was sharp and was cutting the lining of his bladder, making his urine bloody.

If you have ever, even once, had a bladder infection, you know the absolute misery. Now imagine not just an infection, but actual bladder stones. Poor little guy.*

His surgery was yesterday and I'm off to pick him up.

And kiss him. A lot.
Poor little Sherman weighs 17 lbs.


Peggy said...

Hasn't Frank been haunted by similiar boy bladder ailments? Poor little guys.*

*Little like sumo wrestlers, maybe.

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

They've all had bladder infections at one point or another. This was different--actual stones in his bladder. There were three about the size of my pinky nail and rough and spikey all over. Poor guy.