Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's not on sale ...

We've all been here in one form or another. Don't try pulling any holier-than-thou kind of denial.

The nuns of a Greek convent have fled from hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt from their knitting business. My friend Margaret clued me in to the story, but you can read about it in The Guardian.

Part of one of my jobs is to be mean to people about their finances. I'm paid to be the voice of brutal honesty. My employers can listen to me or not, but when I say, "You have no money," I'm telling the truth and it pays to listen.

Lord knows I'm not perfect on this matter either, and I'm certainly not rich. I know firsthand that it sucks to be poor. Nevertheless, I do know, having learned the hard way, these important facts:

1. It's not really on sale if you buy it with your credit card.

2. Either fix it or accept it, but running up more debt will never solve a credit problem.
Remember that the next time you're in your LYS.

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