Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Old Habits

Whenever I have a lot of work to do, I tend to come up with some other, completely random project that needs doing right away.

Whenever I had a paper due, I would decide that I couldn't write until all my laundry was done, my paperwork filed, my sock drawer reorganized; you get the idea. With writing at least, my brain would be whirring away along with the washing machine.

I currently have a long list of things that need knitting, some on deadline. I have a sweater, a hat, and a purse due by February 24. So what did I knit?

Why, half a dozen soft-boiled egg cozies, of course! There's nothing sadder than a cold soft-boiled egg, even though I haven't had one in months, hot or cold.

I also knit most of a dress for a Barbie doll until I ran out of yarn. I don't own a Barbie doll, but I think my six-year-old niece does. Maybe she wants two-thirds of a Barbie dress.

As long as she doesn't want it on a deadline.

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