Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Knew It Was Too Good to Be True!

That's how winning the Nigerian Lottery works.

I am making a challenge project, springboarding from some free novelty yarn. FREE! I felt virtuous because the yarn was free and I was using the knit-wit kit I had just bought ($15).

Right away, I bought additional yarn ($25) for the sleeveless project. To get the gauge I wanted, though, I had to use 2 strands of chunky and 1 of worsted. I ran out of yarn and sent my beloved to pick up another skein ($9). I ran out again last night and will need a fourth ($9), plus gas down to Hearthstone.

The neck calls for 16", size-13 circular needles. I have inherited or acquired needles from 1 great grandmother, 2 grandmothers, assorted garage sales, and regular forays to various LYS. Somehow, I don't own 16", size-13 circular needles, so I stopped at Knitorious today and bought some ($15). I also bought size 15s, just in case ($16). I also needed a crochet hook for the border in the equivalent of a 15 ($2.50).

While I was there, I picked up 2 balls of Regia Silk/Wool sock yarn in pink, you know, just in case ($16).

Since this project is sleeveless, I'm already wondering if I'm not getting a bit too old to expose my arm flab, but dammit, I want to have something to show for winning the Nigerian Lottery.

Current backlog:
  • 1 10-page research paper
  • 6 5-page proposals

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