Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Starting Out

I read blogs regularly--okay, obsessively--and I deal with writing for a living. I have pretty high standards, which is why I've been avoiding writing a blog. The best blogs have a kind of unity, a strong theme. Go fug yourself--great blog. Knit and tonic--I adore, adore, adore her writing. I could post links to bad ones, but generally, I don't read bad blogs, which is exactly my point.

My blog?

Perhaps my blog should cover teaching and the hilarious student essay I got with the following sentences: "I was down in the basement playing swords with my friend Eric. I was Santa and Eric was the weird elf." Who wouldn't want to hear more about that?

Perhaps it should talk about knitting obsessively?

Perhaps civil war reenacting?

The cats? Junking? Dancing? Sewing? Quilting? People who annoy me? People I love? Lewis Carroll? Old-time music? Cooking? Flylady? The Oscars? Politics? Celebrities? Swedish weaving? Overshot coverlets? Vintage clothing? Antique dumbbells? Hello Kitty?

I had a professor who called me a dilettante once. It still burns, but it's seeming more and more likely that he was right.

Any blog I keep will never have any kind of unity. I do too many things. The only connection between some of those activities is that fact that it's me doing them.

Still, in order to post a comment on a certain blog, I was finally required to create my own.

So here it is, and in the immortal words of one of my 020 students, who ends every journal paragraph thus, "And that is that."

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KLCM said...

I think the halter top is fabulous. However, I think it might be a little bit more sexy if it had a "V" neck and you used that little curve of the purse to make the V. So you would just make a scarf like the front side of the purse, and then have fringes hanging from it. The more the cleavage, the deeper the V. I also think it would be sexy to add little beads at the end of the fringes and something that sparkles. Something that says "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" (Isn't that the song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show?) invision the purse as a halter. Maybe you could make it in stripes, but solid would be okay, too, and then you add little fringes hanging down, and on the little fringes, you can add some beads and some silver/gold/glittery things.
Oh, I missed my chance to be a Fashion Designer!